Will the Saved Go To Heaven?
Telecast Date: September 12, 1983
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   The World Tomorrow. The Worldwide Church of God presents Herbert W. Armstrong, internationally recognized ambassador for world peace, visiting prominent leaders around the globe, discussing the cause of world problems and proclaiming the good news of The World Tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, Herbert W. Armstrong.

   Again, I ask as I did in the last program in this series, what if Jesus Christ appeared on Earth in human flesh today and went on television worldwide? Do you know that you would be astonished at His gospel because He would preach the same gospel that He did before? His message would seem strange to you. It did seem strange to the people 1900 more years ago when He was on Earth because it was different from that which was preached at that time.

   Now, they had their churches and denominations or their synagogues in Judea when Jesus was on Earth, but they had perverted the religion of ancient Israel and they had not heard His gospel. And besides, their doctrine had been that of the old covenant and He came with a new covenant message, but there was a great relationship, but they hated Him for what He preached. I preach the same thing and my life has been threatened many times. God has seen fit to preserve me so far, and I hope I don't have to be martyred. Jesus had to give His life for you and me. But they killed Him because they didn't like what He said. He was not crucified because they didn't like His personality, they didn't like His looks, they didn't like the tone of His voice, or something like that. It is only because they didn't like what He said, because they wouldn't believe what He said.

   You know, you have to not only repent for salvation, but you have to believe Jesus, not believe in Him. You have to do more than that. You have to believe Him. And that is, believe what He said. During the very first century, there was a violent struggle and strife, and many were killed over what should be the gospel. Was it a gospel of Christ which would be the gospel He preached, or a gospel about Christ, which is only the gospel of men and not the gospel of Christ at all, but a gospel about Christ. And you know, my friends, that's what you've been hearing today is a gospel about the person of Jesus Christ, but not the gospel that Jesus himself preached and would preach if He were here talking to you as I am today because I speak the same gospel that He did. And whatsoever is different seems strange and seems like it must be wrong if it's different.

   Do you ever stop to think why you believe what you do? There are so many different religions; there are so many different denominations and sects within Christianity. They have one thing in common. They preach their own gospel about Jesus Christ, and yet in details, everyone is different from every other one, and everyone thinks that that gospel and that church is the only one that is right, and the others must be wrong.

   Now, your Bible says that all are deceived by Satan, the devil. But your Bible also said that God would send a voice crying out in the wilderness, the spiritual wilderness of confusion of religions today, with the real gospel. And that this same gospel Jesus preached, the gospel of the Kingdom, would be preached in all the world just before the end of this world in this age and just before the coming of Jesus Christ in power and in glory to rule over all the nations of the world and to bring us finally world peace of happiness and joy for everybody all over the earth. How different that will be than the way it is now.

   Yes, whatsoever is different, it seems as if it is wrong. But you know, God has preserved the truth in the Bible. And even those who proclaimed a different gospel have preserved the true message and the true gospel in writing. And it's in the Bible. If you would only believe what it says, you need to blow the dust off of it because we have the same situation today. Now, how is it different? I can only give you one or two little differences. Now, there are so many differences today because different denominations have their own ideas, and there are separate doctrines and so on. Today, it's commonly preached that if you're good, you go to heaven when you die. Now, that's just one point of difference. And I'd like to go into that one a little bit at this time.

   Now, Jesus said in the third chapter of John and in verse 13 (John3:13), 'And no man has ascended up to heaven, but He that came down from heaven, even the Son of Man,' which was Jesus himself, 'which is in heaven.' Nobody else has gone to heaven. And yet they preach that you're going to heaven.

   Now, is that what the Bible said? Is that what Christ taught? Jesus did not preach going to heaven, and Jesus did not come preaching just about himself. He didn't come saying, 'Look at me now, just believe in Me and give your heart to Me.' He didn't say those things, and that's what is being preached today.

   Jesus did not preach going to heaven, but He preached that the Kingdom of God would be on earth, and He would be the king ruling, and he preached that His own servants and the real saints that are converted and that do have His holy spirit will be born again and will rule with Him and under Him on the earth.

   I want you to notice what he said in Matthew, the 19th chapter in verses 27 and 28 (Matthew 19:27-28). 'Then answered Peter unto Jesus. He said, Behold, we,' meaning the disciples that became Apostles, 'we have forsaken all and followed you. What shall we have therefore?' And Jesus said unto them, 'very, I say unto you that you which have followed Me in the regeneration. I notice that word regeneration that is born again, regenerate, generate is the beginning to and, and, and being born in the regeneration. When the Son of Man shall sit on the throne of his glory, you shall sit upon 12 Thrones, the 12 disciples on 12 Thrones, judging the 12 tribes of Israel.

   Now, where would that be, in heaven or on earth? Let's go just a little further and let's make this very plain. Let's go back to Revelation. Now, in the second chapter and verses 26 and 27 (Revelation 2:26-27), He said, 'He that overcometh and keepeth my works.' And did talk about works, under the end, to him will I give power over the nations?' And the nations are on the earth, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, in Revelation 3:21. And here Jesus said, 'To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me? On my throne,' on his throne.

   Now, He ascended to heaven and is sitting today. Your Bible says on the throne of his father in heaven, that's in heaven. But where's Jesus' throne? If we overcome, we'll sit with him on his throne, Jesus' throne. He said, 'Even as I also overcame and am sat down with my father in his throne.' That's up in heaven where he is now. But where then is Jesus' throne? Then we will sit with him on his throne when he comes.

   Luke, the first chapter, (Luke 1:30). 'And the angel said unto Mary, Fear not, Mary, for thou has found favor with God and behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb and bring forth a Son and shall call his name Jesus.' Now get this about Jesus, which the angel said to Mary. 'He, Jesus, shall be great and shall be called the Son of the highest and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David.'

   Now that throne was in Jerusalem, Palestine on this earth 'shall give to Jesus his throne, the throne of his father David. And he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of his kingdom, there shall be no end'. That was the prophecy given as to why Jesus was coming before he was born.

   Now again, if we turn to Luke the 19th chapter, (Luke 19:11-12) and see what Jesus was teaching, and as they, that was referring to the Apostles and Christ as they heard these things, Jesus added and spoke a parable because that he was near to Jerusalem. And because they, the Disciples, thought that the kingdom of God would immediately appear. He said therefore to show them that it was not going to appear immediately, 'A certain noble man went into a for country to receive for himself a kingdom and he called his 10 servants and he gave unto them 10. That's 1 1 to each servant he delivered to them 10 and said unto them occupy till I come.

   Now, that's a picture of Jesus going to heaven to receive a kingdom and to return. But his citizens hated him. That included the three tribes of Judah, Benjamin, and Levi. They hated him and sent a message after him saying, 'We will not have this man to reign over us.' They rejected him as a ruler and they rejected his government. They rejected his law and his Commandments, and they wouldn't have him reign or rule. They wouldn't let him be Lord or Lord is one who rules.

   'And it came to pass that when he was returned'. Now, this is referring to the second coming of Christ. 'When he returned, having received the kingdom', he will be coronated and crowned in heaven before he comes at the second coming of Christ. When he comes in glory, 'having received his kingdom, then he commanded these servants to be called unto him to whom he had given the money'. And the money there is merely a symbol for the Holy Spirit and salvation that he's given to see how much had been gained by trading.

   And then came the first saying, 'Lord thy pound has gained 10.' He'd multiplied what Christ had given him 10 times over. He had used it and he, the Lord, said unto him, 'Well, thou good servant because thou hast been faithful. At a very little, have thy authority over 10 cities. Now he's talking about the kingdom of God. Now, that's the gospel Jesus preached, and here this one who had grown spiritually and who had multiplied the salvation that he had, that is the gift of God's sprit and righteous and faith and in love, thou had been faithful in a little have thou authority over 10 cities.

   Now, the next one came, and he had only gained 5, half as much. And so, the master said to him, 'Have authority over five cities.' And then finally came one who said he had gained nothing. He just kept what he had, he thought he had salvation already, and he just kept it laid up in the napkin. He said, 'Well, it's all settled long ago.' You know, there's a song they sing in the churches today. 'It was all settled long ago. There's nothing more to do. You're already saved.' And they preach that today, you know.

   And Jesus said to him, 'Take away the pound he had and give it to the one that had the 10.' He didn't even make it into the kingdom. He was lost and went into a lake of fire. That is the final hellfire. He didn't gain his salvation at all. So, there is some growing to do in the Christian life, and that's what it shows, but it'll be here on earth when he comes back to rule on the earth.

   All right, let's go a little further. Now, what was the gospel? I've given you that so many times and so many programs. But once again, look at the first chapter of Mark, the very beginning of the gospel of Christ, not the gospel of man about him, but the gospel of Christ. It says here the beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And then verse 14 (Mark 1:14-15), 'Now after that, John was put in prison, John the Baptist, 'Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel.' But once again, as I've said so many times on this program, what gospel? He came preaching the gospel. Now, what is the gospel? Is it merely a gospel about Christ? Just saying, 'Just believe in him and you'll be saved, you go to heaven, just accept him, get, receive, receive Christ.' No, I want you to notice what Jesus himself said.

   'Now after that, John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God,' talking about a government, a kingdom, a family, a ruling family, and saying that time is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God is at hand. It was because he had just qualified by overcoming Satan in the great temptation. Then he said, 'Repent, ye, and believe what? Believe the gospel and what gospel? The gospel of the Kingdom of God.' And that is what he proclaimed. That was the gospel Jesus proclaimed. And you don't hear that gospel today. Why? You need to ask why you don't hear it today?

   We turn back to the fifth chapter now of the Book of Revelation, and it tells us we're going to reign with Christ, we're going to rule with Him (Revelation 5:9-10), 'for thou wast slain, Jesus was slain and has redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and tongue and people and nation, and has made us under our God kings and priests'. Oh, yes, we're not just gonna lay around just like a puppy dog looking up at his master and wagging his tail forever. And that's what some people picture going to heaven, and you'd be nothing more than a puppy dog, puppy dog looking up at his master, wagging his tail. And I suppose he has nothing to do and to be happy all his life. That isn't what Jesus preached my friends, noticed and has made us unto our God kings and priests, and we shall reign. Yes, we're gonna reign and rule over the nations. How? Reign on the earth, not in heaven, on the earth. Revelation five and verse 10. And so, that shows that we're not going to go to heaven. That isn't what God has promised.

   Now, I'd like to turn back to Isaiah the ninth chapter and verses five and six in the book of Isaiah (Isaiah 9:6), 'For unto us,' that's speaking about Israel, Israel of old, 'unto us, a child is born,' the child was Christ, 'being born unto us, a son is given, and the government shall be on his shoulder.' Notice government. You don't hear much preach about government today. Why? That's what Jesus preached. His kingdom, the government, and the government shall be upon his shoulder. And his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, 'Of the increase of his government and peace, there shall be no end, upon the throne of David and upon his kingdom.' That's here on earth. 'To order it and to establish it in judgment and with justice even forever and ever.'

   Now, there was another prophecy back here in this book of Isaiah. I'd like to read that one to you. That in the seventh chapter and verse 14 (Isaiah 7:14). 'Therefore', it said, 'The Lord himself shall give you a sign: behold, a virgin shall conceive,' that was referring to his mother Mary, 'and shall bear a son and shall call his name Emmanuel.' Emmanuel is a word meaning God with us, God in human flesh. And that shows Him as God as a Savior.

   Now, Jesus came as a Savior to save us from our sins, as according to the seventh chapter of Isaiah. But according to the ninth chapter here in verses six and seven, he's coming to rule and reign in government. And the two go hand in hand. And it is those who are saved and those who are saints and those who overcome, who are going to reign with him in the government. So, you see there's salvation, and Jesus was a Savior, and there were the two prophecies back in Isaiah about him and about his coming, coming as a Savior, but also as a King and a ruler.

   Now, a government is based on, law, you never heard of a government that didn't have some kind of foundation, a constitution or a law of some kind. Now, what is law? Law is merely the rules of conduct. Law defines the conduct, the behavior of one person regarding others. In other words, of our conduct, not only with our human neighbor, but also with our conduct toward God, our love toward God.

   Now, what is sin? Sin is the transgression of the law? And that's I John 3:4, 'sin is the transgression of the law.' And what is the law? In the seventh chapter of Romans, you will read that the law is spiritual, and it is the law of the 10 commandments. A rich young ruler came to Jesus and said, 'What do I do to have eternal life or to get salvation?' And Jesus said, 'Keep the commandments,' and he asked him, 'Well, which?' And he told him some of the 10 just to show him which law he's talking about, talking about the 10 commandments. And sin is the transgression. And that law is a spiritual law. It defines human relationships, your relationship to God and your relationship to neighbors, relationships. And it's wrong relationships and wrong attitudes, one toward another, that has caused all of the woes, the evils that all humanity is suffering today. If we could only understand that it's because we're sinning. It's because we're breaking the law. The law is love, and love means giving, and love means cooperation, and sharing and helping and serving. That's the way Jesus did.

   Jesus came as one who loved the world even that was spitting in his face and putting a crown of thorns on his head when they were crucifying him, putting him to death, he gave his life for them. He loved them so much. That's a love that you're not born with, my friends. That is a love that only God can give you. You don't have it, you weren't born with it. But Jesus said, we have to repent, and you repent of sin. And that means for transgressing the law of God. The 10 Commandments are a spiritual law. That law doesn't tell you how to make an airplane or an automobile or anything of the kind. It only tells you how to live in relationship to other people and in relationship to God.

   And you've been living in a wrong relationship toward God and a wrong relationship toward neighbor. We all have, and all have sinned. That's what's wrong with the world. I have sinned. You have sinned. Jesus came to pay the penalty of our sins if we repent of it. And that means turn around and quit sinning turn around, in other words, and begin to obey the law of God, which is the 10 Commandments.

   And now that's the foundation of God's government that is going to rule forever, and we can rule with Christ on his throne. Notice what Jesus said in Matthew 5:17 and 18. He said, 'Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets.' That means the Old Testament and the law of the Old Testament. 'I am not come to destroy but to fulfill. For verily I say unto you, till heaven and earth shall pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no ways pass from the law till all be fulfilled.' In other words, so everybody is obeying the law and fulfilling it, fulfill means to obey, to fill full. That's what it means by obedience.

   Finally, in the seventh chapter of Mark and verse seven (Mark 7:7), how be it Jesus said these words in vain. 'Do they worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men for laying aside the Commandments of God who hold to the tradition of men?' And verse nine (Mark 7:9), he said unto them, 'Full well, you reject the Commandments of God that you may keep your own tradition, keeping traditions of men that the law is done away. They say, and they lie because that is not true and that is not what Jesus said.

   Now, there's so much to this. I wish I had time to go on and say so much more. But I have, I'm out of time and let me tell you, I would like to send you a booklet on 'What Is The True Gospel?' What Is The True Gospel? You haven't been hearing it, my friends. You've been hearing a gospel about men and a gospel about Christ. But the gospel of Christ is the gospel Jesus preached, and you haven't been hearing it, and that's the only gospel that'll give you any salvation. That's the gospel that shows us what's wrong with the world today. That's the gospel that shows us the peace that is coming on the whole world and salvation that will be offered to everybody. I just wish everybody would accept it, but they won't.

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Telecast Date: September 12, 1983
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