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How was it decided which land in Canaan would be given to each tribe?
By casting lots.

Numbers 33:54, Joshua 18:6
Are We on the Brink of Financial Disaster?
Telecast Date: August 14, 1984
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The present economic crisis threatens the very existence of the United States of America. Now that statement ought to be thundered in banner headlines filling the whole upper half of the front pages of newspapers and also thundered out in news cast. But this crisis, the financial crisis is more serious than the world understands. It not only concerns the United States and Latin America, it is a world economic crisis. I was in London recently at the time of the Economic Summit of the most powerful nations and I had meetings there with some of the heads of government and I can tell you that they were even holding back a lot of the seriousness of the economic situation at this present time...

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Telecast Date: August 14, 1984