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What am I: I once ate a "prophetic" meal and got a bad case of stomach ache and vomited on a beach. I am mentioned in the minor prophets and am not human.
Jonah's fish.

Jonah 1:17; 2:10
Athens Senior Rotary Club Message
Telecast Date: January 13, 1983
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The whole world soon will be stunned by the announcement or the news of a new amalgamated nation appearing suddenly in Europe possibility more powerful than even the Soviet Union or the United States. Now recently I addressed the very prestigious Rotary Club of Athens, Greece concerning this very situation that is rising over there, this very new development and now I want to give you a very brief commentary on the Ancient City of Athens narrated by Art Gilmore and followed by my address before the Rotary Club of Athens in Greece...

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Telecast Date: January 13, 1983