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Why Aren't Your Children More Healthy?
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Why Aren't Your Children More Healthy?
Ralph E Merrill & Stig R Erlander  

Hundreds of you have been puzzled about how to feed your children properly. Here is the answer from a physician and a biochemist who have analyzed these problems in their true light. Most of our children are anemic, have frequent colds, tonsillitis ear infections, stomach upsets, and many have deformed bones and tooth decay. It is also a sobering fact that congenital deformities and weaknesses are increasing, and malignant diseases in the very young are much more common than formerly. The question is, "Why this poor health in children - and for that matter, adults too?" Children Can Be Healthy In the first place, let us remember the well-recognized fact that in many out-of-the-way places where people have lived for hundreds of years under "primitive" conditions the mothers nurse their babies for over a year and the native children are very healthy.

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Publication Date: 1970
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