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Parents Are People Too
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Parents Are People Too

Parents would probably be the first to admit that they're human. Since they're not perfect, how should sons and daughters respond to them? They don't really love me they're always getting on my back!" At times it seems Mom and Dad can be unreasonable. Dad blows his stack or Mom becomes touchy over a seemingly minor mistake. Aren't parents supposed to be kind, loving, tolerant and in control? True, parents should be consistent and loving, but they don't always act as they would like to. Sometimes they get tired and cranky. Being a teenager isn't easy, either. The hormones are pushing the body through great changes and more and more pressures are placed on today's teens. It's easy to get upset, perhaps moody and touchy. This combination of weary parents and growing teenagers can be explosive, leading to arguments that neither parents nor teens really want. God commands us to honor our parents (Ex. 20:12).

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