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What did God place at the entry to the Eden to prevent Adam and Eve from entering?
Cherubims and a flaming sword.

Genesis 3:24
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The First Amendement
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The First Amendement

Thank you for your interest in the preservation of the constitutional rights and freedoms we have enjoyed in America. On January 3rd, 1979, without the legally required prior notice or warning, an armed task force swooped down in a massive surprise attack, in utter violation of the Constitution of the United States, on the headquarters complex of the Worldwide Church of God, Ambassador College, the PLAIN TRUTH and other publications, and the Ambassador international Cultural Foundation in Pasadena, California. It illegally and forcibly assaulted, seized possession of and took over control of this long established Church, College, publications and Foundation. The California Attorney General has launched a major assault on First Amendment freedoms by actually claiming that all assets ol churches are public property and all monies they collect are held in public trust subject to government review and supervision.

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