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Name the king who reigned in Esther's time?
King Xerxes (Ahasuerus)

Esther 1:1
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Why Does God Allow Suffering?
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Why Does God Allow Suffering?

If God is all powerful - if He is all love - why does He permit wars, sickness, anguish and pain? Here is the answer to that age - old question. WHY DOES God permit war? WHY does God allow human suffering and misery? "If God is good - if God is LOVE - if he is MERCIFUL, He would not wish for people to suffer," is the reasoning of many humans. "And if he is ALMIGHTY," they conclude, "He could prevent it. So why doesn't He?" What's wrong with this reasoning? The common conception is this: that God finished his Creation as described in the first chapter of Genesis; that God created the first man perfect, immortal; the work of Creation was finished - complete. Adam was perfect in character - innocent of sin - endowed with immortality. But then, when God wasn't looking, these people believe, Satan entered and succeeded in overthrowing the man, wrecking God's perfect specimen of human creation. In doing so, of course, Satan thwarted God's purpose.

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