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What did Jesus say one should do to be great?
Be a servant to all.

Mark 10:44
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The Millennium and Beyond
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The Millennium and Beyond

Newspaper headlines carry daily reports of human problems and tragedies. Wars. Revolutions. Droughts. Hunger. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Terrorism. Illegal drugs. Robberies. Murders." News" has become nearly synonymous with "bad news." But here is good news: Humanity at long last will learn the way to global peace, happiness and abundance. Can you envision a world where nations cooperate and are at peace? Where no family has to agonize about sons and daughters sacrificing their lives on a battlefield or in jet combat? Where words like tank, battleship, bomb, nuclear warhead and holocaust are not part of the daily vocabulary? Impossible? No. Such a world will be a reality. Ages ago, the prophets of the Bible foretold these utopian conditions: A world with a food surplus to more than support the population of the entire planet - and farmers will prosper. A world where people will learn to live without racial bigotry and hatred.

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