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Who am I: My son is the father of the dark skinned races. I was one of the longest serving ship builders in the world. For over a year I served as a zoo keeper.

Genesis 6-10
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The Fable of: The First Fatal Flight
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The Fable of: The First Fatal Flight

Millions of years ago, according to evolution, reptiles reared ugly, slimy heads from fetid seas, and slithered ashore. Over uncountable eons of time, they climbed trees, leapt from branch to branch - and gradually grew feathers! As time kept passing, they "learned," says evolution, to hover, glide, soar, flitter, and even fly backwards! BIRDS CAME FROM REPITIES- or so say the textbooks. But is such a theory LOGICAL? Can it be PROVED? Read, in this eye-opening article about a "fowl" hypothesis - one for the birds! WHAT DOES it take to fly? Flight has fascinated man, with his superior intellect, for thousands of years. Still, instead of sprouting wings, man has learned to make machines to carry him through the skies, and even into space.

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