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In Nebuchadnezzar's dream what was the belly and thighs made of?

Daniel 2:30
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The Bible a Guided Tour
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The Bible a Guided Tour

Most of us have a Bible, and we plan to read it one day. But we keep putting it off. Or maybe we start, but give up after reading a few chapters. Why? Maybe because the Bible seems to be such an intimidating book. It even looks difficult to read, with its hundreds of pages of small type and old-fashioned hard-to-understand language. This makes it seem imposing and dignified, but not very "user-friendly." This booklet is designed to help you explore the Bible and see for yourself what it is like, what it is all about and how you can learn to use it. Many of us, even if we're not particularly religious, still regard the Bible with almost superstitious awe. If we are asked to swear or affirm on one, we think twice before shading the truth. We feel uncomfortable about throwing a way or even damaging a Bible. So most homes have at least one - probably more - around somewhere. What's yours like?

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