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In Israel, what was the number of witnesses required to lay a charge against someone?

Deuteronomy 19:15
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Certainly, I'm happy to speak to this particular congregation of God's family. The gentleman that gave the opening prayer talked about this beautiful home, and he was referring to the auditorium. I think that's a very apt phrase to use. It is a beautiful home for the family of God. Your warmth is certainly very encouraging and very cheering, and it is a blessing to be able to spend the Sabbath morning with you. How many of you have ever seen a baby born? Can I see some hands? Have you seen a baby? Thank you. That's a lot of you. How many of you have ever seen your own child born? Can I see your hands? Not the same hands, a few less. Thank you very much. The birth of the child is a very exciting and wonderful occasion. I remember when my wife was ready to give birth to her first daughter.

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Sermon Date: November 28, 1987