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What was the religious sect Paul belonged to before he was converted?

Philippians 3:5
Beast of Revelation And Daniel
Vincent Panella  
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The author Bruce Barton he's speaking of the Bible, referred to it as, "the book nobody knows". Now that's not so outlandish a statement, there are not too many people who know a great deal about the Bible. The Bible seems to be filled with, symbolisms and mysticisms and out of the Bible it seems the most mysterious book of them all and the one least understood is the Book of Revelation. People just can't seem to get an understanding regarding the scriptures and when it comes to the Book of Revelation, they just throw up their hands and they say why bother even reading it? The Book of Revelation cannot be understood without having a pretty good understanding of the Book of Daniel. And the Book of Revelation seems to take off from where Daniel leaves off and then gives more information.

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Sermon Date: 1980