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What was placed on Jesus' head at his trial?
A crown of thorns.

John 19:2
Why Did God Kill The Firstborn?
Tracey C Rogers  

Unleavened Bread

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And I'm here to ask you the question, this afternoon or this morning rather, and that is "why did God kill the firstborn?" This has a great deal to do with what we've been keeping here the last several days and maybe we need to go back a bit before that period of time, but doesn't that seem a little cruel? Doesn't that, hasn't that given God a reputation, in times past as well as today for being kind of a cruel, harsh monster type God and being mean? And of course right away you think about the firstborn all being killed and you think about all those little babies and it does seem a little bit cruel, seems a little harsh. It doesn't seem like a loving God who'd do that sort of thing. But as we go back a little bit and we want to go back pre-history before that period of time, when that happened, when God did take the lives of the firstborn in Egypt...

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Sermon Date: 1981