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What will happen to the merciful?
They shall receive mercy.

Matthew 5:7
Vernon F Hargrove  
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Your loving local paster one more time [laughter]. Hearing Mr. Weber talk about the robins in the High Sara's and the high altitude in the springtime, the pleasant air, we've been in Columbus Ohio for 8 months, and in Indianapolis Indiana for 8 years before that and the winters have been fairly severe. We've had nearly 40 and maybe near 50 inches of snow and it gets long and boring sometimes the snow drags on, the snow and ice, sleet, the slush, the salt on the streets and after a few months you get pretty tired of that and you look forward with a little enthusiasm and anticipation to springtime, and you're looking forward to seeing the robins. But the other day I went out and thought I saw a couple of robins, but it was just a couple of sparrows with chapped chests [laughter].

Transcript of this Sermon coming.