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To which city did Jonah take the message of God?

Jonah 1:2
Job - Part 1
Hal W Baird Jr  
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Well, there's a book in the Bible that has brought a lot of controversy with a lot of people, a lot of people just cannot understand it and it's a very interesting book because it has a lot of very, very good information in it, and it's a book called the Book of Job. Many people have been baffled by this book. They just can't figure out why Job had to suffer so much because, after all, Job was a good man, not only was he a good man, but it also said even God Himself said that he was perfect, a perfect man. Well, why then if he was a perfect man did God allow Job to suffer so much? If he was perfect, did Job sin? And if he did, what was his sin or sins if he had more than one?

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