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What was Christianity on numerous occasions referred to in the Bible?
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Michael V Swagerty  
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...Bible, somebody thinks they're going to get tricked I take it. Well, you're a very smart audience. Because you hear the words beatitudes spoken of quite often, it's a very small section of scripture in a very famous place of the Bible called the "Sermon On The Mount". Now you could go to anybody that professed to be a Christian and I'm sure they would be a least familiar with the term "Sermon On The Mount" and if you would ask them if you ever heard of the beatitudes they would probably say, well certainly I've heard the beatitudes. And I imagine if you asked them if the beatitudes was in the Bible they would probably say, yes, but of course the word beatitude is nowhere found, that particular word. Think in your mind, what is the definition of the word beatitude. Is it a beautiful thing? Now, that's what I thought it was quite frankly before I looked it up. I thought the word beatitude sounds like to be a Protestant word that means a beautiful thing that somebody coined somewhere along the line, but actually if you looked it up in a dictionary, the word beatitude has the following definition...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.