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Who blessed Ephraim and Manasseh?
Israel (Jacob).

Genesis 48:14
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Good morning everyone, back in 1952 I went out to Ambassador College, when I went we had 18 upperclassmen and 19 freshmen, so quite a unique atmosphere and I'd come out of the hard shell Baptist background, we didn't believe in dancing, we didn't believe in drinking, we didn't believe in a lot of things that way. So I was sitting down in my room studying one time and this student came down and said, "hey, come on down to the room and let's have a shot", I kind of looked at him and said "do what?" and he said "well come on down to the room and let's have a shot" and I said, "a shot of what?" and he said "wine!", I said, "you've got to be kidding", he said "no!, why the Bible says drink a little wine for your stomachs sake", well I don't have a bellyache so I don't need any wine".

Transcript of this Sermon coming.