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After Solomon died who ruled over Judah?

I Kings 12
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Now this is the Feast of Trumpets, many of you have had sermons prior to this time and the significance of the Festival we've had published in the magazine, the article on the meaning of the Feast of Trumpets and for that reason I do not think that it is necessary today to explain to you the meaning of the Festival or for that matter why we do not blow trumpets on this day, which if you understand, was the responsibility of the Levites, as such. Specifically limited to them and not the children of Israel, however I, I don't think it necessary either today since many of you have heard it, you understand something and the nature of the meaning of those trumpets, the Day of the Lord, the climax and then the return of Christ to setup God's rule on earth. I think though there is one thing that we have never really discussed thoroughly here, I've taken it up individually with maybe one or two, that the Feast of Trumpets is that particular day which is the basis for the calendar that God has given His people.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.