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Elisha was anointed to take what prophet's place?

I Kings 19:16
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Good morning everyone, had to look around and see who all was here, looks like your all here, just about full. Certainly happy to be here with you in the Lake of the Ozarks this year, I've never been privileged to attend this festival site having basically lived in California. I grew up in southern Illinois, not to far up here and at least, I guess, I feel somewhat of an identity with this part of the world, anyway and this is sort of the home territory of Mr. Burk McNair and he grew up in Arkansas and my wife grew up in Arkansas and we're not all that far away. Certainly also happy to be on the, I guess you might say, the program today with Mr. McNair, he will be giving the message this afternoon and we've known each other since 1950 whenever we went to college together, and the same class. So I will sort of take off today, following what Mr. Armstrong said last night...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: October 6, 1979