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Name the book that gives specific details of the Old Testament offerings?
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I want to thank the men and women singing with a large group of this nature, there is one thing that is important and that is to stay together and be voices of the different groups certainly indicate the care with which the musical presentation is given. Mr. Oaus mentioned we anticipated roughly 25, 24 hundred people and we have 2,544, there're always those who have other members of their family, there is the unexpected who are able to come, we're very happy to have this many here in Detroit. Today will be warmer than tomorrow, and I would say that for any of you who come from further south it would be important for you to be able to keep warm tomorrow, especially in the morning, the temperature should drop some 10 to 12 degrees at a minimum and not much more of course and a maximum, we had the cloud cover that kept it rather warmer before this morning and this afternoon which is fine...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: September 25, 1980