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When the two witnesses have finished their testimony, what is going to happen to them?
Beast will make war with them and overcome and kill them.

Revelation 11:7
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The Passover season and Mr. Halshawing going through in the Sermonette talked about the matter of examination. You know there are different ways that things can be examined, the Scriptures back in I Corinthians 11 talk about that, you know supposedly things are being examined regularly on an ongoing basis. I have a friend I went to High School with, his name was Harvey and Harvey was a real, I guess he had about as much knack and natural aptitude for math as anybody I have ever known, he just had a natural aptitude for it, he was good at math, it came easily to him, just very good at it and after High School he eventually wound-up working at the bank there in the local little town...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: March 1999