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Name the book of the Bible that tells of the priest Eli and his sons.
I Samuel
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You know life is just one long continuum it seems, it's not a closed circle. Life comes from pre-existing life and it seems that there is one constant thread and constant stream in every part, in every aspect of life, whatever it may be. The world of today is a continuation of a world which existed even four, five thousand, possibly even as much a six thousand years ago. In the area of religion, in the area of social life, political life, language even, we find a connection. I have a book entitled The Samarians, their history, their culture and character by Samuel Noah Kramer which illustrates just how connected we are with ancient Sumer. The land of which ultimately through conquest came to be overrun and overwhelmed and a part of Babylonia...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: July 8, 1995