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Which tribe in Israel was totally exempt from military services?
The Levites
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I think since Mr. Rea certainly went through a lot of experiences on his trip last time I am not going to repeat practically word for word what he told you, but I did talk to Mr. Mulk about this a little bit and I felt myself that the one thing you'd be more interested in than anything else, would be something in connection with our trip down to South America. While I was down there I wrote four articles and started well into another one, three for the Good News, one of which you read I think and another two will come out in this issue in a few days. One for the Plain Truth which is already at the printers and started on another one from Venezuela, which will come out in the following issue and a lot of those things will come out in those articles...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: 1957