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Mr. McNair addresses issues concerning the "Systematic Theology Project (STP) book" (starting at: 28:00 minutes), issues concerning Mr. Armstrong's "Back On Track" series (starting at: 31:00 minutes) and issues concerning Garner Ted Armstrong and others during the 70's being about insubordination and government, not doctrine (starting at: 32:50 minutes) - [28:00 to 34:30] while tying it all together with satan and his devices.

...I didn't bring all these things up here today to frighten you, but many of you have seen this before [Mr. McNair holds up the Systematic Theology Project (STP) book], I think and some of the supporting material I brought today, I will not be reading, I just simply want to use it to illustrate some points. Are we ready? OK, I guess I'm ready, if you're ready. Are you all ready, are we all ready? OK, we're all ready. Speaking of being ready, reminds me of something that used to happen in Little Rock, Arkansas many years ago when I was pastoring the Little Rock, Arkansas congregation. Had one member who had a health problem and he was really a fine man, very converted and very dedicated to God, but it seemed every time he would sit....

Sermon Date: November 19, 1994
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