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What queen tested Solomon's wisdom with hard questions?
Queen of Sheba

I Kings 10:1
Keeping Up With The Times
William C Bradford  
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The specific prophecies in the Bible that are going to be fulfilled, I think it's time that we examine our lives and see if we are keeping up with the times. Very important that we keep up with the times, not at the sense that the world may keeps up with the times, because the world keeps up with the times in a different way that God's people should keep up with the times. People in the world keep up with the times by changing their life style to conform with what people think, there's a great deal of pressure on people to stay in style as far as clothes are concerned, with the kind of house they live in, with the amount of income they have and there is a great deal of pressure on you to do this...

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Sermon Date: 1980