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After Job had lost all his herds, family and servants, what did he get on his body?
Sores (boils).

Job 2:7
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Should have mentioned in the announcements that this afternoon we had arranged for that film the one we saw in Pasadena on the refresher program dealing with the subject of seat belts, have that this afternoon and by coincidence Mr. Armstrong sent to all the Churches a video tape of a Bible Study that he had in Pasadena not so long ago and that's a full Bible Study which is an hour and a half by itself, the film is twenty seven minutes. So we tried to figure a way to handle it and thought about leaving the Bible Study for another time, but this afternoon we're going to try to have Bible Study start a three o'clock and we'll do both of them, we'll just go a little longer today.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Series Date: February 9, 1985