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Who are we: There were about two thousand of us. We drowned in the sea. The demons called Legion caused the drowning.
Herd of Swine.

Mark 5:9-13
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Today brethren I want to talk a little bit about hurtful, scared, nervous Christians because we have a certain number of those and we'll analyze human fears because we all have them and also analyze how human fears have blocked [inaudible] as so many members in the Church of God did in 1979, a few months ago back in January of this year we had a meeting of the Church there, the leading Minister of the Church had to be disfellowshipped. Of course that's always a traumatic event and during the meeting some very unfortunate things were said and were done that were said and done by people whose hearts were not totally right before God...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: 1979