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At the death of Jesus, who said, "This was the son of God?"
The centurion.

Mark 15:39
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I grew up in the Baptist Church and one of the things that I remember learning as a Baptist, one of the doctrines of the Baptist Church is the idea that once saved, always saved. Any of you who used to be a Baptist, you remember that, and by being saved, what they meant was that you had joined the Church, you had gone down the aisle, you had quote given your heart to the Lord, you had been baptized, you were saved, you were born again, that was it and once saved always saved. What you did in the future, that's ok, yeah but he was saved, you know he was saved twenty-eight years ago or whatever it was that sort of concept. Now you know in Matthew 24 Jesus said in verse 13...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: December 27, 2003