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How was John the Baptist killed?
He was beheaded.

Mark 6:27
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I didn't know in advance which telecast was going to be played, they normally when they send out the video cassettes which we play generally one or two per month of the sermon videos from Headquarters, the others are available to be checked out back there at the table. But along with that they send a video cassette that normally has about four telecast on there and we normally play about one a month of one of the telecasts since most of us in this area aren't able to get it on television, gives us a chance to keep up with that, we have normally about one a month of the telecast, so what that means of course is that there are several on there and as I say I didn't know what telecast was going to be on there...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: September 7, 2000