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Who was Jeremiah's scribe?

Jeremiah 32
7 Trumpet Plagues - Day of the Lord
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Well brethren we are gathered here this afternoon on the last service of this Last Great Day the end of this fall festival season and I know that there were certainly a number of things that Mr. Meredith desired to focus the attention of the entire Church on at this time and we will try to look at some of these things that are certainly very important for us to understand because I think as we celebrate this fall festival season we recognize that we are moving ever closer to the reality to the completion, to the time when these days will actually be fulfilled and we're here we're celebrating something we're anticipating we're looking forward, but you know brethren the time is going to come when the resurrection will have been yesterday.

Transcript of this Sermon coming.

Sermon Date: October 21, 2000