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How tall was Goliath?
Nine feet (3 metres).

I Samuel 17:4
God Still Works Miracles Today
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God Still Works Miracles Today

Each day the Mail Processing Center receives thousands of letters from people of all walks of life. A number of these bear striking testimony to the fact that God still works miracles much like the ones we read of in the Bible. Many are from members, some are from others God may be calling into His Church. These letters describe incredible incidents of God's hand in the lives of those who put their faith and trust in Him. We have selected 136 of the most inspiring accounts. They have been grouped into 12 special categories for easy reference, as shown in the Table of Contents. We believe you will be very much inspired by these recorded experiences and will find them helpful in preparing sermons and Bible studies, as well as in offering encouragement to others when counseling. God is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever. These letters make it plain that He is a loving, merciful and caring God who still works miracles today.

Publication Date: 1982
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