Timeline: 7. Entering The Promised Land
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Timeline: 7. Entering The Promised Land

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   Passing over Jordan was like passing through the Red Sea (Joshua 4:23), and passing through the Red Sea was a type of Baptism (I Cor. 10:1-2).
   Then they were circumcised after their "Baptism". This cutting off of the flesh is a type of our putting off the things of the flesh (Romans 2:29, Col. 2:11-12).
   Then the Israelites kept the Passover, a type of Christ's sacrifice (I Cor. 5:7) and waved the Firstfruits of the land before God, which is a type of Christ's acceptance, after His resurrection, by God the Father.
   Then the Israelites seiged Jericho during the 7 Day of Unleavened Bread, which is a type of our having to conquer sin (I Cor. 5:8) and "Men of Violence" take the Kingdom of God by "force" (Matthew 11:12).
   "Joshua" means "Savior", the Hebrew form of "Jesus". Nothing bad is recorded of Joshua. He is a type of Christ, who leads us into our "Promised Land".
   Rahab the Harlot repented of her sins and was delivered from death and entered the Promised Land also. She married Salmon, and became a progenitor of both King David and Christ (Matthew 1:5).
Nisan, 1446 B.C. - Spies sent to Jericho, make agreement with Rahab who hides them and helps them escape that night (Joshua 2:1-21). - Three days spies hiding (Joshua 2:16, 22). - Spies return to Joshua at Shittim (Joshua 2:23-24). - Israelites removed from Shittim and lodged before the Jordan (Joshua 3:1). - Sabbath - God speaks to Joshua, who commands the officers (Joshua 1:1-18, Joshua 3:2-4). - Joshua speaks to people (Joshua 3:5). 3 days (Joshua 1:11, Joshua 3:2). - Crossover Jordan, (Joshua 3:6, Joshua 5:1), the same day of the month that the Passover Lamb was taken (Exodus 12:3, Joshua 4:19). - Circumcision of the new generation of Israelites (Joshua 5:2-9). - Prince of the Lord's host appears to Joshua (Joshua 5:13-15) - Passover - High Day - Wave Offering (Lev. 23:11) and eating of the corn of the land (Joshua 5:17) - Manna ceases (Joshua 5:12) - Seven day "seige" of Jericho, during the Days of Unleavened Bread (Joshua 6:1-14) - The walls of Jericho "fall down flat", and the city is captured (Joshua 6:15) - High Day.

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