Timeline: 6. The Exodus To Division or Mostly The Judges
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Timeline: 6. The Exodus To Division or Mostly The Judges

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   For each day that the spies surveyed Palestine the rebellious Israelites were sentenced to wander a year in the desert, 40 years, till that generation died.
   By Caleb's statement in Joshua 14 we know that the conquest of Canaan took 7 years, after they entered Palestine on the Sabbath before Passover (Joshua 4:19), and besieged Jericho during the days of Unleavened Bread (Joshua 6).
   They had peace till that generation died and the next turned bad and went into captivity till they repented and God freed them, so it went for over 300 years.
   From Judges 18:30 ("Manasseh" should be "Moses") and Judges 20:28, we know that chapters Judges 17-21 occurred before the first captivity in 1400 B.C. until the death of Gideon, Israel was united under one Judge and one captivity at a time.
   Then there were 3 areas (Judges 8:33 to Judges 10:5) covers the North; (Judges 10:6 to Judges 12:15) covers the East; and (Judges 13:1 to Judges 16:31) covers the South.
   Then the nation was united again under Saul, who reigned 40 years. (Acts 13:21), but Josephus says his reign did not actually begin for 20 years - till 1072 (I Samuel 13:1).
   Notice the 12 times the number 40 appears in this period. Critics think this preposterous, but the numbers do all fit together perfectly with history and each other, some speculate the end-time work will last 40 years.
Moses - Joshua - Elders - Mesopotamian Oppression (Chushan-Rishathaim) - Othniel - Moabite Oppression (Eglon) - Ehud and Shamgar - Canaanite Oppression (Jabin) - Deborah and Barak - Midianite Oppression - Gideon - Philistine Oppression - Ammonite Oppression - Abimelech - Tola - Samson - Jephthan - Bzan - Elon - Aboon - Jair - Samuel - Samson - Saul - David - Solomon.

1486 to 971 B.C. - The 480 years of I Kings 6:1 - The 300 years of Judges 11:26 - Exodus - 40 years wandering - Promised Land conquered - 40 years peace - Ruth lived about this time- Danites invaded Ireland (Judges 5:17) - 20 years Ark abode in Kirjath-Jearim (I Samuel 7:2) till the 40 years of Philistines ended. - Saul defeats Philistines (I Samuel 15) - David reigns in Hebron (II Samuel 2) 7 years build Temple (I Kings 6:38) - The figures between here and here add up to 451 (Acts 13:20) - Division.

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