Timeline: 5. The Exodus or The Meaning of Unleavened Bread - Exodus 12-15
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Timeline: 5. The Exodus or The Meaning of Unleavened Bread - Exodus 12-15

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   The story of the Exodus is rich with examples for us today (I Cor. 10:1-13). The Israelites were a perfect picture of unconverted human nature. They didn't like slavery in Egypt (which is a type of bondage to sin) but when God called them out they didn't want to go.
   Then on the way out they continually complained about conditions and wanted to go back.
   They lacked faith at every adversity because they didn't have the Holy Spirit.
   Pharaoh, a type of Satan, continued to pursue them till they were out of Egypt (sin).
   All this is pictured in the Passover and Days of Unleavened Bread which should remind us not to act like the Israelites as God calls us out of our sins.
   They were all "Baptized" unto Moses in the Red Sea (I Cor. 10:1-2) and the Old Covenant was established on the Day of Pentecost when the 10 Commandments were given.
   1516 years later Christ died on the Passover to forgive our sins, was resurrected during Unleavened Bread to lead us out of the way of death, and the New Covenant was established with His Church on Pentecost.
Passover Lamb Taken (Ex. 12:3-5) - Sabbath - Passover Lamb killed and eaten (Ex. 12:6-11) - Firstborn slain (Ex. 12:12, 29) - Israelites spoil Egypt Ex. 12:35-36) - Night To Be Much Observed (Ex. 12:42) - Israelites Journey from Ramesses to Succoth (Ex. 12:37) - Israel journeys from Succoth to Etham (Ex. 13:20) - Etham encampment - Days of Unleavened Bread - Moses preaches (Ex. 14:2) - Israel departs into wilderness (Ex. 13:18) - Pharaoh told that Israel has fled (Ex. 14:5) - Pharaoh's army overtakes Israel encamped by the Red Sea (Ex. 14:9) - Red Sea crossing (Ex. 14:19-22) - Egyptians overthrown - Moses' Song (Ex. 15:1-19) - Journey in wilderness of Shur (Ex. 15:22) - Israel encamps at Marah (Ex. 15:23) - Moses preaches (Ex. 15:25) - Israel continues on to Elim (Ex. 15:27).

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