Timeline: 3. The Noatian Deluge or The Flood of Noah - Genesis 6, 7, & 8
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Timeline: 3. The Noatian Deluge or The Flood of Noah - Genesis 6, 7, & 8

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   The days of Noah are an example to us. God destroyed the world that then was (II Peter 3:6) for their continual wickedness, and things in our day are going to get even worse (Matthew 24:37. It took Noah 120 years to build the Ark (Gen. 6:3) - and his 3 sons were born within that time (Gen. 5:32.
   God today is building the Ark of His Church which will carry us thru to the next world. Baptism is a type of the flood - thru which we will be saved (I Peter 3:21).
   That the Ark was big enough to hold all those animals has been disputed by skeptics for centuries. With the dimensions of 450' x 75' x 45' its capacity was not exceeded till the 1920's, and then know that the average sized animal is a cat, and you won't have any trouble putting four or 14 of each on an Ark of this size.
   The building of such a large vessel over such a long time was quite a publicity stunt.
   Creation week ended on Sabbath, Tishri 1, in the fall of the year, and the flood began 1655 1/2 years later, in the spring, and lasted a year and ten days.
   This had been the second time the earth was destroyed by water. First thru Satan's sin, then thru man's. But God promised it wouldn't happen again by water, tho it, will by fire.
   Evidently Noah's 3 sons brought the 3 races of mankind thru the flood with them in the form of wives.
Warned to Enter Ark (Gen. 7:1-4) - Ark Entered and Flood Begins (Gen. 7:7-16) - 40 Days & Nights Rain (Gen. 7:12, 17) - Water prevailed 150 days (Gen. 7:24, 8:3) - Water begin to abate (Gen. 7:24, 8:3), and the Ark comes to rest (Gen. 8:4) - Waters asswage 74 days (Gen. 8:1-5) - Tops of the mountains seen (Gen. 8:5) - Dove sent out (Gen. 8:10-11) - Raven & Dove sent out (Gen. 8:7-9) - 40 days waiting (Gen. 8:6) - Dove didn't return (Gen. 8:12) - Face of ground dry (Gen. 8:13) - 36 days - Earth was dried (Gen. 8:14) - departure from the Ark, altar built, bow seen (Gen. 8:15 thru Gen. 9:17)) - 57 days wait.

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