Armstrong still travelingArmstrong still traveling
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Last winter the front pages of the Star News were constantly reporting charges by deputy attorneys general that Herbert W. Armstrong and his assistant, Stanley Rader, of the Worldwide Church of God were "pilfering" church funds by virtue of the fact that they traveled extensively in the corporate jet, conferring with heads of state ad other dignitaries all over the world.

What puzzles me is that the Star-News apparently does not see fit to inform its readers that these same gentlemen are continuing their travels in the same manner.

For example Mr. Armstrong just returned from Morroco and Tunisia where he conferred with the prime ministers of both nations, presented them with the customary gifts, and hid the groundwork for humanitarian projects as he has with many other nations. A senior member of the Japanese Diet accompanied him and discussed plans for cooperative projects in the domain of nutrition.

The deputy attorney general calls this "pilfering" and started a lawsuit over it. Yet, Mr. Armstong continues about his business as if the attorney general does not exist!

I would think the Star-News should report on these facts so the attorney general may reflect on the merit and effects of his actions!

And certainly the good citizens of Pasadena would like to know when leaders of institutions headquartered in the area are received and honored by heads of governments abroad; and about significant humanitarian projects being planned by Pasadena institutions.


(Editor's Note: The above letter from an employee of the Personal Correspondence Department here in Pasadena appeared in the "Your Forum" section of the June 24 issue of the Pasadena Star-News. We thought our readers would also enjoy reading it!)

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Pastor General's ReportJune 25, 1979Vol 3 No. 24