Although the bad publicity, negative comments, and the receivership crisis have had an impact on our members and co-workers, MOST are still standing behind Mr. Armstrong, helping "hold up his hands." We wanted to share this positive side of the coin with you, as it is reflected in our mail.

The Mail Analysis section of MPC reports that in all its years of reading and gathering comments from the mail, it has never seen such a tremendous outpouring of support as has come in since January 19791 Thousands and thousands of letters have been received from members, co-workers, and donors in support of Mr. Herbert Armstrong and the Work of God.

Below are just a few representative examples of the kinds of letters we are receiving:

Mr. Armstrong, we are 100% behind you. We know that this is God's true Church. We are praying for you and the Work. Even our five year-old daughter prays for you and the Work. Thank you for opening our eyes. B.L., Greensburg, PA.

So happy to hear Mr. Armstrong again on the radio on half-hour programs. I always missed those so much during the time of the five minute broadcasts. Happy, Mr. Armstrong, to hear that you are able to travel abroad again, and that it will soon be possible for you to go to China. The doors are surely being opened now. I pray for you and Mr. Rader and all the faithful workers. I am sure, without doubts, that you are doing the Work of God. May God grant you strength to go on. C.T., Elkville, IL.

I cannot put into mere words how I feel listening to you each Sunday morning at 11:30 a.m. on Channel 12 in our area. It is so good to hear the true Word of God being preached again. L.J., Hyannis, MA.

I usually don't include a letter when mailing my tithe. I don't think I fully realize the importance of mailing you a letter of support along with my tithe. I often just send a check, thinking that that shows you that I am backing you and supporting God's Work. But that doesn't tell you that I am continually praying for you, your health, for the ministry, for the Church, for the effectiveness of the means by which the Church spreads the gospel, and for the coming Kingdom of God... I strongly believe that you are God's ONLY apostle here on earth and that the Worldwide Church of God (and no other churches) is the true Church of God.... B.D., San Antonio, TX.

Overall, the mail comments present an attitude of RENEWED ENTHUSIASM in the Church (and among the co-workers) over the new direction the Work is taking. The vast majority are glad that Mr. Armstrong is putting things "back on the right track," and they are supporting him with confidence.

Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportJune 25, 1979Vol 3 No. 24