Greetings from those of us on the College Administration Staff!

In spite of any difficulties due to the imposition of the Receivership during the last semester of the college, we had a very good year overall. Both students and faculty agree that Ambassador is already "back on the track." We are recapturing the same spirit which we had on campus during the early years of the college.

On May 14 we held our Commencement exercises at which time 38 students graduated with Bachelor of Arts degrees and 23 received Bachelor of Science degrees. The ceremony was held in the Lower Gardens under beautifully sunny, Pasadena skies.

This summer we are offering five classes for the 35 students who will graduate in August after finishing their coursework over the next two months.

All of us are looking forward to the new school year which begins August 27. Enrollment is expected to be between 350-400.

In order for next year's students to receive a maximum of guidance and supervision from the faculty and administration, we will require all undergraduate single students to live on campus beginning next fall. Also, dual enrollment with other colleges and universities will be prohibited. We feel that this will not only greatly enhance the unity of Ambassador's student body, but will also better enable the students to participate fully in college activities.

On May 17, 23 members of the College administration and faculty visited Mr. Armstrong in his home in Tucson so he could instruct and encourage us all in maintaining God's way in the college. The visit was very enjoyable, inspiring, and profitable. Many have expressed the hope that we may visit him once more before classes begin in August.

During our visit, Mr. Armstrong told us that he has come to realize that "higher" degrees from this world's institutions have been detrimental to many of our faculty. For this reason, we are no longer requiring our faculty to go "outside" for degrees. In fact, the college will no longer subsidize any "higher" degrees from this world's colleges and universities.

Many thanks to you for your input regarding prospective students from your areas. Needless to say, we rely very heavily on your assistance in this matter of accepting only the finest for the "West Point" of God's Work. We deeply appreciate your evaluations and recommendations concerning all prospective students.

It isn't too late for promising young people to apply for entrance into Ambassador College for the coming 1979-80 college year, but any who want to enter, must send their applications very soon if they don't want to be left out.

As always, we require that all applicants be able to do college-level work. But we are once again looking more closely at a student's overall qualifications (leadership, character, etc.)

Please encourage those in your areas to attend Ambassador College — if you think they are proper college material. Thanks for your help.

Raymond F. McNair, Deputy Chancellor

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Pastor General's ReportJune 18, 1979Vol 3 No. 23