Rod Matthews  

The following reports were compiled from letters to Mr. Walt Dickinson, Regional Director of the Spanish Work:

Mexico: The excellent figures of +13% increase in attendance and +53% in offering were reported from Feast of Pentecost in Mexico. This is indicative of the overall growth of the Work there. In Mexico City, Mr. Tom Turk pastors a church averaging 120 each sabbath (+40% over 1978) and has 132 outstanding visit requests on file (many in Mexico City) More are expected as a result of a promotional letter to longstanding P.T. subscribers, which also introduced the local minister and offered a visit.

In Guadalajara, Alfredo Mercado, the elder there is swamped with over 58 outstanding visit requests and is developing 2 Bible Studies in Tepic and Culiacan as well as conducting Spokesman Club and Y.O.U. activities.

In the North, Bob Flores, Jr. has 7 Bible studies in different locations every 8 weeks, and 61 people yet to visit. Overall, the labourers cannot keep up with the potential harvest at the moment and the most immediate need is one of manpower.

Central America: Mr. Herbert Cisneros, our resident elder in the Republic of El Salvador, has just completed a tour taking in many areas of Guatemala. He conducted a Bible Study in Guatemala City, attended by 19, was in Quezaltenango for a Bible Study of 38 coming from surrounding cities, and visited several very keen families en route.

On returning to El Salvador, Mr. Cisneros conducted a Bible Study in the city of Zacatedoluca for 30 people. Many of these will be able to attend a regular study commencing this month: and the studies in Santa Ana, Sonsonate, and San Salvador (the capital) are growing quickly too.

The members in El Salvador have had to face violence, strikes, rioting, demonstrations, stonings, etc. in their country for some months now. In fact, the government there has recently decreed a state of siege, suspending individual and group rights. The uprising has severely hampered a radio advertising campaign for La Pura Verdad in El Salvador which was bringing in over 70 responses each day.

Our members there need our prayers for their safety and welfare, and for the future progress of the Work.

Pentecost Worldwide: Reports coming in indicate an excellent growth in many areas:

PHILIPPINES: Attendance 1985, up 27% over 1978 (more locations this year) and offering up a staggering 59%!

AUSTRALIA: - Attendance 4366, + 10.8%; offering +12.2%.

WEST - GERMANY: Attendance 505, t- 2.0%; offering +17.l%.

NEW ZEALAND reports a +32% increase in general income for May, being the 5th month in a row for an above 35% increase.

Year-to-date mail received is up 75% over 1978 due to a massive nationwide promotion of the Plain Truth which has more than doubled the PT mailing list there.

Compiled by Rod Matthews, International Office

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Pastor General's ReportJune 18, 1979Vol 3 No. 23