Roger G Lippross  

Most religious books published commercially in the United States, are distributed through the various Christian booksellers associations. Unfortunately, The Incredible Human Potential has been refused entry into this private distribution system because parts of the book are not complimentary to the "Christian" churches that back and support these associations. This gives all of us another opportunity to overcome an obstacle which hinders distribution of this book and its message.

We have worked out our own distribution system but we need each Pastor's support to ensure that things go smoothly. This is the program: we have designed and manufactured a small display box which holds six books, to be placed on a counter or tabletop. The box has a glossy promotional card which carries a photograph of Mr. Herbert Armstrong and advertising copy. The card slides behind the books. We have also assembled a small sales kit to go along with this package.

One obvious outlet for these books is where the PLAIN TRUTH newsstand program is already in operation, 1.e. supermarkets and stores that have our racks on display. We are therefore asking each of our 300 newsstand coordinators to try to get these books placed in as many of our newsstand outlets as possible. The book sells for $8.95, but we are giving the store owner or manager a 50% reduction in price. We will also be sending out a specially printed card designed to fit onto the PLAIN TRUTH rack to advertise The Incredible Human Potential. Special stickers will be added to these cards to show The Incredible Human Potential is available "in this store."

We need your help, Pastors, to encourage and promote this program with your newsstand coordinators. We are sending them a letter and a sales kit next week and we are asking you to please follow up with each of your coordinators. Your personal involvement will ensure a more successful program.

Roger Lippross, Publishing

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Pastor General's ReportJune 11, 1979Vol 3 No. 22