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(Editor's Note: Following is the essence of an official Church news release given to the press Thursday, June 6.)

The Prime Minister of Tunisia, Mr. Hedi Nouira, received Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, Mr. Stanley R. Rader and Mr. Tokuo Yamashita at noon, June 5th in the Palace at the Casbah in Tunis.

Mr. Armstrong, Pastor General of the Worldwide Church of God and founder of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation and Mr. Yamashita, a senior member of the Japanese Diet, discussed at length a proposed project of triangular cooperation between the government and people of Tunisia, the United States and Japan in the domain of nutrition. The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Planning as well as the Chief of Staff of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister.

Mr. Armstrong explained the Church's long interest in improving nutritiona1 values everywhere, including various agricultural projects and studies that had been carried on for many years under the auspices of Ambassador College in Texas. Mr. Dale Schurter, a minister of the Worldwide Church of God and former head of the Ambassador College agricultural program at Big Sandy, met with Mr. Armstrong prior to his departure for Tunisia to discuss current developments with him in this very important field.

Wednesday, June 6, 1979, Mr. Amstrong and Mr. Yamashita were the speakers, as well as Mr. Rader and the Japanese Ambassador to Tunisia, at a dinner in honor of Mr. Armstrong and the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation. The Minister of Culture, the Minister of Planning, the Minister of Justice, the Minister of Social Welfare and the Minister of Foreign Affairs were all present, as well as Ambassadors from Saudia Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Italy, Romania and Morocco.

Mr. Armstrong, in speaking for some thirty minutes, explained the purposes of the Church and the Great Commission. He announced that world peace would be established in the world tomorrow with the government of God under the laws of God.

Mr. Rader in describing the Foundation stated that the Foundation had been blessed with four kinds of resources spiritual resources, human resources, physical resources, and financial resources. Whenever the resources of the Ambassador International Cultural Foundation are equal to the needs of a particular country, and those needs have been manifested by the proper representatives of a particular country, a new project for the Foundation will commence. For the moment the Foundation will work closely in the future with the National Institute of Nutrition in Tunis.

Mr. Armstrong arrived in Tunisia after meeting with the Prime Minister of Morocco in Rabat several days earlier, at which time he and Mr. Rader discussed problems in the field of social welfare with the Moroccan Prime Minister.

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