Brian Knowles  

The June/July PT is now off the press and in the mails. I think it is quite substantial in terms of content and it should "hold" our readers for the two months it must cover. Present plans call for a second combined issue for October/November.

The latest Weekly Comments from the Caribbean indicate that PT circulation in that area has now reached almost 30,000! Year to date, 2,579 new subscribers have been added to the PT in the Caribbean.

Advance copies of the new introductory PT are now coming off the press. Each new subscriber will begin with this special edition of the PT. The second issue they receive will be the regular subscription issue. This issue will be used for some time — until it is obsolete. Then it will be replaced by a freshly edited and put-together edition. Each introductory issue will give the new reader a solid introduction to typical PT copy.

Brian Knowles

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Pastor General's ReportJune 04, 1979Vol 3 No. 21