Roger G Lippross  

We are pleased to announce that the new introductory version of the Plain Truth is now ready for distribution. This introductory PT is part of our planned program of readership follow-up service worked out by circulation manager, Boyd Leeson, and Richard Rice's Mail Procession team. We will be mailing this new PT to all our brand new readers to introduce them to us as an organization and hopefully answer some of their questions about what's behind the Plain Truth.

Another plus for this introductory PT is that we shall be mailing it to our new readers much closer to when they request a subscription. We hope to cut the lead time down (before we mail it out, to a new reader) from 4-6 weeks to 7-10 days.

One last bit of good news is that the new 16-page Newsstand PT is pulling in an initial response that is as good as the old 32-paqe Newsstand PT, and at a little more than half the cost of the old one.

Roger Lippross

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Pastor General's ReportJune 04, 1979Vol 3 No. 21