Dear Fellow Ministers:

   Greetings in Jesus' name! All of us are fine here in Pasadena, and looking forward to this Pentecost weekend when we will have the opportunity to see many of you in the field.

   I talked to Mr. Herbert Armstrong Sunday morning, and he and his party are now off to Tunisia! He feels this area is especially important as it is going to become quite a center for Arab activities in the near future now that Egypt is being rejected by fellow Arab nations for its peace treaty with Israel. Please pray for their safety and for the success of this trip!

   Mr. McMichael just completed the Seattle campaign last night. In spite of the obvious difficulties of being on Memorial Day weekend and having to finish on Monday night because of hall bookings, the team felt the campaign was a fine success: Total attendance ranged from 290 to 450 and new attendance each night was 60, 45, and 50 for the three nights respectively. So while the numbers are not large, God is giving us good, solid attendances and growth through these campaigns!

   Fellow ministers, Mr. Armstrong informed me recently that he is definitely ending the whole concept of the non-career ministry. As he stated, he didn't know about it until the last few months and had nothing to do with its inception. He feels it is wrong for a minister to resign from his calling as a minister and yet at the same time want to retain some of the benefits, prestige and authority of the ministry. And although I did not in any way bring this matter to him for a decision, I certainly agree.

   Therefore, as finances make possible, we will honor any previous financial commitments made on the 40% base salary per month per number of years served in the ministry. But, any who have resigned or do resign in the future from the active ministry will henceforth be regarded as lay members in God's Church.

   If, in particular cases, the local minister in future months and years — after checking with Headquarters — wishes to use one of these men to help counsel visit, he may do so. But they have resigned from the ministry and will NOT be regarded as elders to anoint, preach, counsel or carry on any other function of the ministry.

   Of course, this does not preclude us letting the occasional minister have an extended time off — or. even reduced duties because of genuine health problems or other similar problems — or the occasional hiring of someone as a part-time minister in very special cases. If any of you have questions regarding this or suggestions about other special cases, please let us hear from you.

   But the "non-career ministry," as such, is NOT a category ve feel Christ would want and so God's Apostle is abolishing it.

   Let ALL of us sincerely strive to "lay down our lives for our brethren," and desire with all our hearts to serve them, and Him, FULL-time as God makes this possible. Let us appreciate our calling from God and make this calling and election SURE by our constant and faithful service and loyalty! Let us build again the spirit of service and sacrifice that continues to give this Work its unique strength in a dying-world.

   Let's all draw close to God and be inspired to strengthen and encourage His people this Pentecost weekend.

With Christian love,
Roderick C. Meredith

   P.S. This does NOT affect the honor and opportunities for service of our fine local church elders.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 29, 1979Vol 3 No. 20