Roger G Lippross  

I spent this past week in New York with Ron Taylor, our Publishing Production Manager here in Pasadena. We had meetings with Lew Gillenson regarding the production and distribution of Mr. Armstrong's books and other Everest House titles for 1979-80. Things went very well and we have some good things coming along.

While at the New York office we also had some discussions with our Quest people regarding costing ideas and ways to cut down our production time to give advertisers a shorter leadtime.

This was my first visit since the receiver tried to take over, so I expected to find a very uneasy crew, but things seemed remarkably calm and supportive of the organization. This was largely due to the level-headed approach of the editor, Bob Shnayerson.

Roger G. Lippross, Director of Publishing

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Pastor General's ReportMay 21, 1979Vol 3 No. 18