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United Kingdom

March 1979 produced the largest monthly mail income for the U.K. and Eire in almost 2 years, with first account mail income up 32% over March 1978. On March 31, there were 2,092 members in the U.K. and attendance now averages 2,430 in 37 churches. This latter figure was increased from 34 churches in January of this year when, as a result of the sale of the College, the Bricket Wood church 'expanded' to form four new congregations. St. Albans now serves as the headquarters church.

A major "first" for the Work in Britain this year is our venture into Ideal Home Exhibitions and Agricultural Shows. A special Plain Truth display, complete with a recorded audio-visual presentation, is being used to make the public more aware of the name and content of the magazine. The focus of the display is a full-colour brochure, giving details of who and what lies behind the magazine and offering a six-month trial subscription. (500,000 of these brochures are being printed in total). Around 25 exhibition sites will be visited before the end of October — 7 in the month of April alone (Southampton, Edinburgh, Manchester, Nottingham, Bristol, Hull and London).

In most cities the exhibitions are being backed by the distribution of "Plain Truth offer" leaflets to households (10,000 or 20,000, depending on location).


In spite of the current crisis in the Church, incoming mail is up 21% over the first quarter of 1978, and our income was up 33% for the same period. We are anxiously watching these percentages because some Islands have increases of more than 100% while others are as low as 3%. What this means is that the income received is not always in the place where it is needed. Because of currency restrictions there is very little interchange of funds. Below is a breakdown of our six mail receiving offices, which will illustrate this point.

Barbados, up 8%; Bahamas, up 4%; Bermuda, up 68%; Jamaica, up 111%; Trinidad, up 46%; Guyana, up 100%; Puerto Rico, up 3%. The areas from which we can move funds more or less freely are Bermuda and Puerto Rico.

Latest statistics reveal the following data: PT circulation, 27,638; added year-to-date, 611. Good News 1,097; CC active, 1,159; Baptisms (year-to-date) 18 which means overall membership has increased by 2-4% during 1st quarter of 1979.

Newsstand distribution is now accounting for as much as 30% of new subscribers in some areas. In Puerto Rico, we are distributing 3,500 copies of the Spanish Plain Truth every month. This is a healthy increase over the 800 copies per month we were distributing a year ago. The response is very high in Puerto Rico. About 8% of the cards are returned.

The first public Bible lecture (in Spanish) was conducted in Santo Domingo, Republica Dominicana, on March 25th. Thirty-three persons attended, and a second study is scheduled for May 12th. Nineteen additional persons in other parts of the country were also contacted for the first time through personal visits made by Stan Bass and Albert Sousa. It seems as though God may have opened a door in the Dominican Republic, and hopefully a church can be started there in the not-too-distant future.


The month of March 1979 had 37.5% increase in income over March last year. This excellent increase brought our year to date increase to 21.70% — up from February's year-to-date increase of 14.50%. A total of 7,144 letters were received in the office for March — another fine figure.

There are now 16 churches or local congregations in the Philippines as of April 1. Santiago, Isabela, some 330 kilometers northeast of Manila was inaugurated March 31; the inauguration was attended by Messrs. Colin Adair, Pike Mirto and Pedro Ortiguero. Eighty-seven (87) were in attendance including visitors from Manila and neighboring Benguet Province.

While in the area, Mr. Adair spoke on moral values to almost 100 elementary-level school teachers. He also held a PLAIN TRUTH Lecture.

Circulation Statistics dated March 15, 1979 had the following data:

CC Active 13,549
Members 1,344
Co-Workers 1,079
Donors 228


Mr. Apartian has just returned with exciting news from four weeks in Europe in which he conducted 9 public lectures. The one conducted in the Sheraton Hotel in Paris was attended by approximately 400 new people — a majority being listeners to "Le Monde a Venir" radio program at 5:30 a.m.

The first Bible study conducted after the lecture by Mr. Sam Kneller, pastor of the Paris church, was attended by 51 new people.

Campaigns conducted in both Brussels and Liege in Belgium were attended by approximately 50 new people on each occasion. Mr. Apartian reports the churches are very strong and solidly behind Mr. Herbert Armstrong.

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Pastor General's ReportMay 07, 1979Vol 3 No. 16