Roger G Lippross  

   This month marks the culmination of a project which first began almost a year ago. For a long time we have realized a need for a publication to introduce new subscribers to the Work and all of its many aspects. At the time we needed to do something about the frustrating 6 to 10 week delay in getting the Plain Truth into a new subscriber's hands.

   Both of these problems will be solved by the new Introductory Plain Truth due to roll off the presses this month. This 32-page magazine will have a cover photo of Mr. Armstrong descending from the Gulfstream and will give each new subscriber an in-depth introduction to Mr. Armstrong and the Great Commission. It will save money too! We will save the cost difference in printing since it will replace what would have been a 48-page magazine. This special issue will be mailed out on a weekly basis to ensure that new subscribers receive their first copy as soon as possible. Our studies have shown this to be very important because a subscriber's interest drops almost in direct proportion to the length of time it takes for us to respond to an initial request.

   We have tried this idea before, but it was dropped for reasons which are no longer valid. We feel the new Introductory Plain Truth will be a useful tool because the situation in the field has changed so dramatically in the past two years. By the way, the magazine will also have a welcome letter and a literature request envelope bound inside.

   We are pleased that we can offer this service to our new readers, thereby making our subscription program more effective. To keep all ministers informed we will be sending you all a copy as soon as it is off the press.

Roger G. Lippross, Publishing Services

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Pastor General's ReportApril 30, 1979Vol 3 No. 15