A new "Reprint Series" will soon be available from Subscriber Development which will be offered to members, co-workers, and donors.

   This new article series will utilize a 16-page pamphlet format about PLAIN TRUTH size. But, rather than using high quality, glossy paper, these new pamphlets will be printed on standard stock paper and will be "self mailers." (Address labels and postage can be affixed directly to the literature). This new "self mailer'' concept allows us to produce. The literature much less expensively than regular- booklets — and also permits us to get MORE material into people's hands!

   Each Reprint Series pamphlet will be attractively printed in two-color style and will be three-hole punched for storing in notebooks if the reader wishes. Each 16-page Reprint Series pamphlet will be comprised of several informative articles on a specific topic taken from past articles in The PLAIN TRUTH, GOOD NEWS, or TOMORROW'S WORLD. Current topic titles include:

   Bring Back The Family
   The Great Doctrines Of Hebrews 6
   Prepare Now To Be A King
   Discover Your Bible

   These Reprint Series pamphlets will be ready soon, but aren't in stock just yet. So please don't request them now. As soon as they're in inventory, we'll officially announce their availability. (we just wanted to give you a preview of what's coming). We believe this new series will be very popular with our subscribers and will bear good fruit!

Richard Rice, Mail Processing Center

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Pastor General's ReportApril 30, 1979Vol 3 No. 15