Ministerial Services  

   Baptism Cards: Once again, we want to request that you send in baptism cards each week as they take place and not hold them for several weeks or months. (Recently one minister sent in cards for the last six months. Some don't send them in at all until we request them after we get complaints from the people about not receiving member mailings.) You are less likely to forget them altogether if you do it right away. If the cards are not sent in, the newly baptized won't begin receiving all the material intended for members. Keep in mind that holy day envelopes, feast information, members letters, etc., can only be sent after we have processed the baptism cards.

   Suggestions Needed for Member Package: We are considering the possibility of a member literature package to be sent to each new member household. This would serve as a welcome and give them information concerning proper communication with Headquarters. Currently, we only send a letter concerning monthly receipting of donations. We would appreciate your suggestions about what should be included in such a package. Just include them with your weekly report and they will be forwarded to Mail Processing.

   Passover Attendance: By way of reminder? we would like to mention to all U.S. Church Pastors to send in their Passover attendance figures as quickly as possible. As of this writing we have received information from less than 50% of the pastors. Please make a special effort to get this information in right away.

Ministerial Services

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Pastor General's ReportApril 23, 1979Vol 3 No. 14