Ted Herlofson  

Reporting Central Clearing House Expenses

   I was surprised and somewhat disturbed after reviewing March's Central Clearing Account Exception Report. The report shows that 153 ministers have not reported Central Clearing Account expenses totaling $98,700!

   Not only is the unreported amount disturbing, but also the fact that the figure has been growing by several thousand dollars per month. The average dollar amount outstanding each month last year was $50,000.

   It was thought a serious matter when the $50,000 level was reached in 1976, and through effort and expense, a new system was devised to replace the Emergency Fund Checkbook system.

   The new checkbook system, the Central Clearing Account, was designed to reduce your paperwork load by utilizing NCR Copies right in the checkbook. At first the system was very effective and unreported expense dropped to less than $16,000 per month. However, our success was short-lived. Ironically, unreported expenses have climbed steadily ever since.

   The cause of the problem is most likely simple inattention to one of the ministerial responsibilities. However, the situation must be reversed. Those of you having the problem need to determine to get the simple paperwork done and mailed to Pasadena weekly, unless there is serious interference with your time.

   Please do what you can to correct what is a serious problem and strive to keep the problem corrected during the coming months. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Ted Herlofson

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Pastor General's ReportApril 9, 1979Vol 3 No. 12